…innovative handmade paper crafts…

I have stumbled into more than just paper crafting … home décor!  I had some tin cans laying around waiting to be recycled and thought … why not just up-cycle them?!?!  I see people up-cycle on Etsy all the time and think,

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Not that long ago my Stampin’ Up! demonstrator Amber, had made the cutest 3D card-in-a-box!  I had seen these before on Pinterest but was intimidated by how difficult I perceived it was.  A few weeks later I watched a You

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It’s been 13 days so I felt its time for a blog post! Ideally I would blog everyday, but lets be honest, sometimes I get so busy I forget I even have a blog! I am sure some of you

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Not too long ago I had ordered a wooden spatula from Etsy shop ecohardwoods and was so impressed by David’s customer service!  I decided to buy my Mom a cutting board for Mother’s day.  Ecohardwoods had beautiful options and honestly

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Notebook listing on Etsy shop Hamutelet

This is from the shop linnwarme on Etsy.  Very cute brooch of a fox sleeping in flowers.

argyle shelving unit

Weather you love vintage, traditional or obscure, Etsy is  great resource to find that perfect peice for your home.  Anything from pillows to actual furniture can be found.  I love looking at the furniture,  I am a huge fan of

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As usual when I am at lunch at my day job, I pop over to Etsy to not only look at my shop but study the treasury that has made it to the front.  I try to assertain what the

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theyarnkitchen 173039551

In an effort to be more active on my blog here are some items I found on Etsy that really caught my eye!  L’officina: Sells handmade ceramics such as bowls, cups, teapots, buttons and beads and more from Turnin, Italy. 

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